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Load Bank  240V 15 Kw 15 steep
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18 May 2020
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Load Bank  240V 15 Kw 15 steep

Load Bank is a tool used for testing the ability of transformers, batteries or generators. Load Bank function is to know how much the ability of Genset or Transformer before operated directly to the real load, in addition to know also whether there is a characteristic change in the tool in the test and whether it is in accordance with the existing capacity of the label or not, for example for frequensi whether the higher the frequency of generator loading if it can remain stable as the work of the generator without the load, as well as the voltage of this electrical accessories is still able to stay at the desired voltage point, how also with the lubricating oil pressure system and engine temperature, by simulating the test Load Bank Load This parameter change that occurs can be observed, whether the variables change the results of this test is enough to provide high security on the machine itself and also when then applied to the real load (real) whether it is enough to qualify.

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